Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat: 6 Top Picks for Shedding Season

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Regular grooming is important for maintaining the health and well-being of Golden Retrievers. Their thick double coat requires special attention to prevent matting and shedding. 

Choosing the right undercoat brush is key, as it effectively removes loose fur and detangles without causing harm to the skin. Rake, slicker, and de-shedding tools are the most common types of brushes used for undercoat grooming.

When choosing an undercoat brush for your Golden Retriever, consider bristle type, handle ergonomics, ease of cleaning, and durability. 

Use fine wire bristles for detangling and wider-toothed rakes for removing loose undercoat fur. Opt for an ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue during grooming, and choose a brush that’s easy to clean for hassle-free maintenance.

Choosing the best brush for your Golden Retriever’s undercoat is essential to manage to shed and keep their coat healthy—balance efficiency with Comfort to make grooming an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

Top Brushes for Golden Retriever Undercoat Care

Regular grooming is necessary to keep your Golden Retriever’s undercoat healthy and shiny. 

You can use a specific brush to detangle the fur, remove loose hair, and distribute natural oils throughout the coat. Check out these top-rated brushes that cater to your pet’s unique needs.

Maxpower Undercoat Rake

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

If you’re in search of an effective grooming tool for your Golden Retriever’s undercoat, the Maxpower Undercoat Rake efficiently tackles stray hairs and stubborn knots.


  • Easily removes mats without causing discomfort
  • Reduces shedding significantly with regular use
  • Comfortable grip enhances the grooming experience


  • May require gentle handling to avoid over-brushing
  • Might not cut through the thickest of mats
  • Consistent cleaning of the tool is necessary

The Maxpower Undercoat Rake makes grooming your furry friend easier. Its dual-sided teeth design removes tangles and thins out the undercoat, making shedding less of a hassle.

Maintaining your dog’s coat is important to reduce flying fur. This tool captures loose hair before it settles on your furnishings. Use it gently to avoid irritating your pet’s skin.

This brush is user-friendly with a non-slip handle for better control. Remember to clear out the accumulated fur after every grooming session to maintain its performance.

Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

With this rake, you’ll keep your Golden Retriever’s coat pristine and significantly reduce shedding.


  • Deeply penetrates thick undercoats to remove loose hair efficiently.
  • Rounded head pins offer a comfortable grooming experience for your dog.
  • Durable construction with a rubber handle for a secure grip.


  • Not suitable for pets with short hair or smaller breeds.
  • Some users report issues with the rivets’ durability.
  • May require frequent cleaning during use for best results.

The Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake is an excellent tool for managing your Golden Retriever’s shedding. Its long steel teeth can easily capture loose fur before it ever hits the furniture.

“Rounded pins are great. Dog enjoys grooming, feels like massage.”

The Tsxurepaw is durable and made of sturdy stainless steel with an anti-slip handle. 

During a de-shedding session, I had to pause to clean out accumulated fur, but it was worth it to prevent hair from drifting across my home.

Bixy Pixy Undercoat Brush

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

Your Golden Retriever’s coat will thank you for using the gentle yet effective Bixy Pixy Undercoat Brush, making grooming a breeze.


  • Extremely gentle on the skin with coated tips
  • The extra-long pins effortlessly reach the undercoat
  • Ergonomic design and non-slip handle enhance user comfort


  • Limited to certain types of coats, not all-purpose
  • May require cleaning maintenance due to hair entanglement
  • Potential durability issues with heavy matting

The Bixy Pixy Undercoat Brush easily untangles your Golden’s thick fur, while distributing natural oils, improving the shine and health of your dog’s coat.

“Brushing feels natural with this tool. Its non-slip grip produces great results in less time than a professional groomer.”

Regular use of this brush results in less shedding around the house. The bristles are durable and can withstand the demands of a Golden Retriever’s dense undercoat. 

Grooming sessions are stress-free and leave your dog looking and feeling great.

DSKRUI Slicker Brush

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

If you need to groom your Golden Retriever’s undercoat efficiently without discomfort, the DSKRUI Slicker Brush is a solid choice.


  • Effortlessly reaches deep into the undercoat
  • Angled pins for a gentler, more comfortable experience
  • Sturdy handle design reduces hand fatigue


  • Bristles may feel stiff to some pets
  • Initial odor from the materials may be noticeable
  • Few reports of being harsh if not used carefully

This brush makes caring for your Golden Retriever’s coat easier. The long pins clear out tangles effortlessly by getting down to the undercoat.

The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, even during extended grooming sessions. It’s great at detangling, but be careful with sensitive skin as the bristles can be stiff.

All in all, the DSKRUI Slicker Brush seems like a fine investment, especially when grooming feels less like a chore and more like bonding time with your four-legged companion.

Jelly Pet Slicker Brush

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

Your Golden Retriever’s coat will thank you for using this brush, as it effectively deals with tangles and keeps the undercoat in superb condition.


  • The brush’s longer pins reach deep to detangle and reduce shedding.
  • Ergonomic design aids in comfortable and efficient grooming sessions.
  • Two pin types cater to different coat conditions, enhancing versatility.


  • Firm pins may be too strong for susceptible dogs.
  • Size and shape might not suit the smallest of breeds.
  • Initial use might require a learning curve to avoid scratching the skin.

Jelly Pet’s Slicker Brush is effective from the first stroke. The longer pins remove loose fur and detangle without stress, making grooming easy and comfortable for both pet and owner.

Handling the Jelly Pet Brush is a breeze. Its lightweight body won’t wear out your wrists, and the ergonomic handle ensures you can keep up with your pet’s grooming needs without any strain. The difference is noticeable—messy knots give way to a beautifully fluffed coat, making your precious Golden look their best.

The brush has sturdy and soft pins that address shedding and provide a gentle finish while promoting healthy coat growth.

Anrundar Grooming Kit

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Undercoat

The Anrundar Grooming Kit offers your golden retriever a soothing and efficient grooming experience, making it a great addition to your pet care toolkit.


  • Long pins make detangling an effortless task even for dense undercoats.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces strain on your hand during the grooming process.
  • The included stainless steel comb is perfect for fine grooming after slicker brush use.


  • Frequent cleaning required to maintain maximum brush efficiency.
  • The large size may be cumbersome for smaller dogs or tight grooming areas.
  • Wooden handle might not be as durable if frequently exposed to moisture.

The Anrundar Grooming Kit makes grooming your golden retriever easy. The gentle, bendable pins promote healthy fur growth.

The brush’s ergonomic, non-slip grip makes grooming easier on your arms and wrists. It also ensures precise and effective strokes, especially for thick undercoats.

The included stainless steel comb is a handy tool with a two-in-one design to tackle different types of fur. It’s effective in preventing static and tackling finer tangles.

Using this kit regularly can reduce shedding and keep your home cleaner and your golden retriever looking stellar.

Buying Guide

Brush Type

Selecting the right brush type is crucial for effectively managing your Golden Retriever’s undercoat. Look for brushes designed explicitly for undercoat care such as slicker brushes and undercoat rakes.

Bristle Type

Your brush should have bristles that are:

  • Long enough to reach the undercoat without hurting the skin.
  • Flexible, yet firm to detangle without causing discomfort.

Handle Comfort

Choose a brush with an ergonomic handle to ensure Comfort during grooming sessions, as Golden Retrievers have thick fur that may take time to groom thoroughly.

Brush Size

Opt for a size that is:

  • Proportional to your dog, to cover larger areas efficiently.
  • Easy to maneuver, to reach under legs and around ears.


Select sturdy and long-lasting materials, ensuring that the brush will hold up to regular use.

   Features to Consider Why It’s Important 

    Brush Type Matches grooming needs of undercoat  

  Bristle Type Safely detangles without harm  

  Handle Comfort Prevents hand fatigue  

  Brush Size Ensures efficient grooming  

  Durability Withstands regular use  

  By focusing on these features, you will be able to find a brush that helps maintain your Golden Retriever’s undercoat with ease and Comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right grooming tools for your Golden Retriever’s undercoat is crucial for their skin and coat health. Here, we answer common questions to help optimize your grooming routine.

What type of brush is most effective for a Golden Retriever’s undercoat?

A de-shedding tool or an undercoat rake is usually the most effective for a Golden Retriever’s dense undercoat. 

These tools are designed to reach deep into the coat without harming the skin, removing loose hair and undercoat without cutting the topcoat.

How does an undercoat rake benefit a Golden Retriever’s grooming routine?

An undercoat rake is specifically designed to remove loose fur from the undercoat of your Golden Retriever. This promotes better air circulation to the skin and reduces shedding, which helps maintain your dog’s coat in optimal condition.

Can a slicker brush improve the coat health of a Golden Retriever?

Yes, a slicker brush can be beneficial by detangling the fur and removing smaller knots, especially on the outer coat. Regular use helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat, fostering shine and reducing matting.

Is there a difference in grooming needs between adult Golden Retrievers and puppies?

Golden Retriever puppies have softer and finer fur that requires gentler grooming compared to adult dogs. Adults have a denser undercoat needing more rigorous brushing to prevent mats and excessive shedding. It’s advisable to use appropriate brushes for each life stage.

What techniques should be used when brushing a Golden Retriever’s undercoat?

When brushing, always be gentle and work in the direction of the hair growth. Start with a wider-toothed comb or rake to address the undercoat and finish with a slicker brush for the topcoat. Ensure a thorough, even brushing, especially during shedding season.

How often should a Golden Retriever be brushed to maintain a healthy undercoat?

You should brush your Golden Retriever’s undercoat at least twice a week. During heavy shedding seasons, like autumn and spring, increase brushing to every day to help manage the shedding and keep the undercoat in good condition.