Best Dog Toys for Frenchie Puppies: Top Picks and Recommendations


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Dog toys are critical in puppy development, providing mental stimulation and keeping growing pups engaged and active. For French Bulldog puppies, finding the best toys that cater to their needs is essential. Due to their unique physical attributes, Frenchie puppies require specially designed toys that consider factors like their size, strength, and potential health concerns.

Frenchies are energetic and intelligent dogs despite their compact size, so the ideal toys should encourage playtime that challenges their minds and helps with physical exercise. Toys that cater to their instincts, like chewing and interactive play, can significantly benefit their development. The durability of the toys is also crucial, as French Bulldog puppies are known to possess a firm bite and can quickly destroy defective products.

When choosing the best toys for your Frenchie puppy, you must consider material, size, and functionality to ensure they are safe, engaging, and last longer than just a few play sessions. Selecting toys that can grow with your pup is essential, providing lasting enjoyment through various life stages.

We took the time to research, analyze, and test a range of dog toys designed explicitly for Frenchie puppies, ultimately identifying the top contenders that provide the perfect blend of fun, safety, and durability. Read on as we review our findings, hoping to make your search for the best dog toys for your Frenchie puppy much more manageable.

Best Dog Toys for Frenchie Puppies

We have compiled a list of the top dog toys perfect for your Frenchie puppy’s playtime and development.

LEGEND SANDY Puppy Chew Toys for Teething (14 Pack)

Best Dog Toys for Frenchie Puppies

These 14-pack puppy chew toys offer fantastic value and variety, perfect for teething French Bulldog puppies.


  • Great value and variety
  • Effective for teething puppies
  • It helps with boredom and anxiety


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Rubber toys might break off in pieces
  • Material frays in rope toys

We were excited to get these LEGEND SANDY Puppy Chew Toys for our French Bulldog puppy. They provide a variety of textures and designs, perfect for keeping our little one entertained and easing those teething pains. With rubber and rope toys included, there was something for every mood and playtime activity.

One downside we noticed was that the rubber chew toys could not withstand aggressive chewing. Pieces started to break off after a few sessions, so supervision is necessary when using these toys. On a positive note, the rope toys made for excellent tug-of-war games and some even doubled as tooth flossers, keeping our pup’s dental hygiene in check.

Overall, the LEGEND SANDY Puppy Chew Toys are an excellent choice for teething French Bulldog puppies, as long as you keep an eye on them while playing. With great variety and effectiveness in addressing chewing habits, boredom, and anxiety, this affordable toy set is worth considering for your beloved canine companion.

Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Teething Toy Rings

Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Teething Toy Rings for Dogs

These Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Teething Toy Rings are a fantastic choice for your Frenchie puppy’s chewing needs, providing durability and dental benefits.


  • Designed for powerful chewers
  • Fun shapes to entertain puppies
  • Helps maintain dental health


  • Not suitable for larger breeds
  • It may become less engaging over time
  • Made in China, despite advertising

Recently, we experienced the benefits of the Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Teething Toy Rings firsthand when we introduced them to our Frenchie puppy. These durable nylon rings keep our pup entertained, and help foster healthy chewing habits as our little one grows. The unique design and dental textures contribute to cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

We observed that our puppy instantly liked these teething rings and found them an excellent way to keep busy. Their small size makes them ideal for Frenchie puppies but may not be the best choice for larger breeds. While they initially attracted our pup’s attention, they may become less engaging as our dog becomes more familiar with them.

On a critical note, we discovered that these Nylabone products are made in China, contrary to what they advertised. Nonetheless, the Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Teething Toy Rings are a valuable addition to our Frenchie puppy’s playtime, offering fun and dental benefits. We recommend them to those seeking a chew toy suitable for small, powerful chewers.

Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Frenchie Roast

Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Collection

We recommend this adorable and entertaining Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Frenchie Roast toy for puppies and small dogs that love plush squeaky toys.


  • Creative design and engaging squeaky feature
  • It makes for great photo opportunities and gag gifts
  • Small size is well-suited for puppies and small breeds


  • Not ideal for larger dogs or heavy chewers
  • Green straw may be easily torn but can be stitched back
  • A bit pricey for a dog toy

This Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Frenchie Roast plush toy has quickly become one of our puppy’s favorite toys. The squeaky coffee cup design is adorable and offers a fun interactive experience for our furry friend. We noticed our pup playing with it for hours while showing no interest in other toys.

Aside from its attractive features, the Starbarks toy has given us and our pup plenty of giggles and social media-friendly moments to share. However, the small and delicate straw may not suit larger dogs or those with solid chewing habits. While the straw can be fixed with some stitching, a more sturdy design would have been appreciated.

Despite being a bit more expensive than other plush dog toys, we believe the Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Frenchie Roast is a worthwhile investment for puppies and smaller breeds. It offers fun, appeals to pet parents, and brings unique bonding moments with our canine companion.

Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys for Teething Small Dogs

Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys for Teething Small Dogs

We highly recommend the Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys for any Frenchie puppy owner looking to entertain and train their young pet with high-quality, durable toys.


  • Impressive variety of toys, including squeaky plush, rope, and treat ball
  • Cute designs that encourage intellectual training
  • Durable, bite-resistant materials that are safe for puppies


  • Price may be higher compared to individual toys
  • It could be less suitable for extreme chewers
  • Small plush toys may wear faster, depending on your puppy’s play habits

When our Frenchie puppy tried the Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys, we were instantly pleased with the variety of toys included. The squeaky plush toys, such as the cute fox with crinkle paper limbs, kept our pup entertained and curious during playtime. At the same time, the treat ball provided mental stimulation by encouraging him to figure out how to release the treats.

The durability of these toys is impressive, thanks to the natural, high-quality materials and tight weaves, which help prevent easy tearing by young, sharp teeth. Additionally, with our Frenchie teething, we appreciated that these toys helped soothe his gums and promoted proper dental hygiene, all while protecting our furniture from his curious chewing.

Customer service with Zeaxuie is satisfying, and they are always ready to assist with any questions or concerns. However, it’s essential to note that if your puppy is an aggressive chewer, these toys might not be the ideal choice in the long term. Overall, we found the Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys to be a valuable investment in our Frenchie’s playtime and training experience, providing enjoyment and beneficial mental stimulation.

KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy (20 Pack)

KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy

We highly recommend these KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for French bulldog puppies to keep them entertained, healthy, and happy while avoiding damage to your belongings.


  • Wide variety with 20 different toys in the pack
  • It helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Encourages training and bonding with your pet


  • Quality may vary among toys
  • Some toys may not be suitable for larger or more aggressive chewers
  • Possibly hazardous components in certain toys

After using this KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys pack with our French bulldog puppies, we found that they enjoyed the variety of play options and kept them occupied and away from chewing on household items. The pack includes rope toys, treat balls, a rubber toothbrush stick, and even a squeaky plush toy for endless fun.

These toys also provide dental benefits – through chewing on the rubber toothbrush and rope toys, our puppies’ teeth were cleaned, and their breath was freshened. Furthermore, these toys enabled us to engage in training exercises and games like tug or fetch, enhancing our bond with our pets.

However, some concerns emerged regarding certain toys’ durability and potential hazards. While many held up well, a few seemed of lesser quality or were quickly destroyed by more aggressive chewers. Caution is advised when introducing specific toys with parts that could pose potential harm. The 20-pack KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for French bulldog puppies offers value and diversity for fun, healthy play experience.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best dog toys for Frenchie puppies, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the essential features to look for so that you can select the perfect toys for your furry friend.

Size and Durability

First, make sure the toys are the appropriate size for your Frenchie puppy. Small enough to be intriguing, yet not too small as to be a choking hazard. Additionally, consider the durability of the toys. Frenchies are known for their strong jaws and love for chewing, so search for strong, sturdy toys that can withstand their persistent bites.


Look for toys made with safe, non-toxic materials. Rubber, thick ropes, and sturdy fabrics are great options for chew toys. Avoid toys with small parts that your puppy could break off or be ingested, such as beads or buttons.


Frenchie puppies are intelligent and curious, so providing them with toys that stimulate their minds is crucial. Interactive and puzzle toys can help keep your pup mentally challenged and entertained.

Type of Toy

Toy TypeDescription
Chew ToysThese are designed for your puppy’s oral health and are great for teething pups.
Fetch ToysThese encourage exercise and bonding with your furry friend through playtime.
Tug ToysPerfect for engaging your puppy in a game of tug, strengthening their muscles, and improving their coordination.
Interactive ToysThis help to stimulate your Frenchie mentally and can dispense treats or make sounds for added interest.

By keeping these tips in mind, we trust you will make the best decisions when choosing toys for your beloved Frenchie puppy.


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