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We rank four vibrant life pet beds that your dog will find irresistible!

Have you ever noticed that dogs in movies, tv shows, and YouTube videos never seem to sleep? How is that possible?

Even the most active, on-the-go dog needs a comfy bed to come home to after a long day of just being a dog.

Just like humans, a dog needs the type of peaceful, restorative sleep that contributes to a healthy, vibrant life, so the type of vibrant pet bed you choose for your dog is vitally important to your dog’s quality of life.

How Do Vibrant Life Dog Beds Contribute To Vibrant Pet Health?

There’s a reason why “vibrant life” is sometimes found in the descriptions on the product detail pages of pet beds for dogs and cats.

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A good vibrant bed should not only give your pet a comfy place to rest, it should also come loaded with ergonomically and therapeutic details that contribute to healthy joints, paws, hips, and neck and ultimately, a vibrant life.

A comfy, therapeutic vibrant pet bed is especially important for a senior dog with mobility issues.

Cleaning Your Vibrant Life Bed

Your dog can really get into a lot during the course of a day, and dog beds are prone to collecting dirt, grime, pet dander, and yes, poop, that can pose health and hygiene problems.

Fortunately, all of the dog bed items we’ve reviewed come with removable covers and are made from machine-washable materials that make cleaning your vibrant dog bed a snap!

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Easy to Clean Removable Covers!

We recommend spraying the bed and cover with a stain remover before washing to treat those deep stains and grime.

Machine wash in hot water to kill insects or eggs that may be lodged in the bed and be sure to use a pet-friendly detergent that won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Tumble dry for twenty minutes, air fluff to remove any static, and your vibrant life bed will be good as new! Washing your vibrant bed will extend its life and help your pet rest in a relatively pristine environment.

Our Review Criteria

For our purposes, we choose four of the top-ranked vibrant dog beds from the popular Furhaven Pet brand of pet products.

Certain criteria helped us make our decisions and we felt FurHaven offered the widest range of high-quality dog beds with attractive, vibrant features and price points.

And with so many to choose from, we had no problem finding a color, design, and size that met our needs and aesthetics. We always wanted something that ships overnight or to multiple recipients.

All of the dog beds we reviewed are flat, as we found raised dog beds can present a challenge to older or disabled pets who may have difficulty getting in and out of them.

As well as excellent customer reviews and affordable price points, FurHaven pet beds also come with a limited warranty! But most importantly, these vibrant life products are comfy!

It’s as if these beds are telling your dog, “Get to know us. We couldn’t be more comfortable!” Whether you shop online or at a pet store, the FurHaven brand offers many choices in top-notch vibrant life pet beds and other pet products.

Here are our choices for the best in FurHaven’s vibrant life pet beds. We’re sure your dog will be just as pleased with these vibrant life pet beds as you are.

#1 Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic, L-Shaped Chaise Couch

This super-comfy vibrant pet bed features an L-shaped chaise design and ultra-plush, faux fur sleep area that’s perfect for those head resters, sprawlers, and cuddlers who love to nest in optimum comfort.

The soft and comfy egg-crate orthopedic foam helps cushion pressure points, distribute body weight, and improve air circulation.

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The fluffy raised and rounded bolster end is wrapped in easy-care microsuede fabrics that provide perfect support for the neck, back, hips, and joints for a healthier, more peaceful sleep.

This bed also comes in a number of colors and 5 different sizes making it perfect for dogs of any size or breed. Dirt and pet dander practically disappear into the two-tone design and the zippered dog bed cover is easily removed for simple machine washing.

Dogs (and cats) just won’t be able to resist settling into this wonderfully comfy vibrant dog bed. It ships overnight so your pet will be resting easy tomorrow.

#2 FurHaven Pet Packable L-Shaped Plush Orthopedic Travel Bed

This orthopedic pet bed features a classic sofa design that’s designed for maximum comfort and safety, especially for older dogs.

This vibrant life bed boasts a three-bolster design that promotes security and support and provides high-loft cushion support that makes sleeping in a variety of positions easy.

The sleep surface is lined with ultra-plush faux fur and the ample headrest space is ideal for those head nestlers to snuggle into.

Specially designed for elderly and disabled dogs, the egg-crate orthopedic foam base helps distribute body weight and soothe pressure points while the fluffy bolsters give more relief to those tender joints and paws.

The top of the cushion base is lined with super-plush faux fur and flanked by suede bolsters that are soft and gentle on noses and heads.

Easy to clean and travel-ready, it comes in various colors and designs and 5 different sizes can easily accommodate dogs of all sizes. In short, this amazingly comfortable vibrant life pet bed is comfort at its luxurious best!

This bed ships overnight for immediate delivery, so add it to your cart now!

#3 Furhaven Pet Plush Ergonomic Contour Round Snuggery Burrow Dog Bed

Talk about nesting in vibrant comfort and luxury! This comfy and ergonomic pet bed comes with an attached easy-care microsuede blanket that can be converted into a tented cave for those borrowers, nesters, and snugglers!

Insulated and super soft Sherpa fleece lines the interior sleep surface, while the memory foam top adapts to the body shape of your dog to help cushion pressure points and relieve joint discomfort.

It also provides total body alignment support that will let your dog live a healthier, more vibrant life. The zippered cover is easily removed and completely machine washable.

Available in four sizes and a wide assortment of design, color, and patterns choices, this bed is as stylish as it is comfy! Cats love it too!

Like all FurHaven vibrant life items, this bed ships with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects. See the product detail page for more information on why this bed is such a customer favorite!

For your convenience, this vibrant life item ships for same-day or overnight delivery. Add it to your cart along with your music, movies, and other Amazon products.

#4 FurHaven Pet Plush Orthopedic L-Shaped Chaise Couch and Cuddler Bed

Your furry pet friends will get the excellent support, comfort, and rest they need with this comfy ergonomically designed chaise-style couch and cuddler bed.

Its unique contour shape and plush medical-grade orthopedic foam materials provide a soft yet firm surface for therapeutic back, hip, joint and neck support that helps promote healthier, more restful sleep.

Its open step-on design makes it perfect for older dogs or those with disabilities.

Dense and solid orthopedic foam offers a maximum loft and sturdy comfort and the sleep surface is lined with smooth, luxurious micro velvet that your dog or cat will find irresistible!

Six different sizes make it perfect for pets of every size, It’s also available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Your dog will love all of the comfy features almost as much as you’ll love the terrific price point! It ships overnight so your pet can get the rest they need ASAP.

An Overview

Whether you buy your vibrant life bed online or at a pet or department store, a high-quality bed will give your dog the healthy life they deserve!

Each of these dog products ships overnight from so your pet can start enjoying a long, vibrant life immediately.

No matter when you buy it, when it comes to the vibrant life of your dog, always go with the best!

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