Top 5 Best Comb for Golden Retriever: Ultimate Dog Grooming Guide 2023

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Golden Retrievers are known for their gorgeous, luscious coats that not only add to their beauty but also are a key aspect of their health. As a Golden Retriever owner, I understand the importance of maintaining a well-groomed coat for both the comfort of the dog and the preservation of its attractive appearance. Combs play a crucial role in the grooming process, ensuring that loose hairs are removed, and tangles are prevented.

Combs vary in size, material, and design, which can impact their overall effectiveness in grooming a dog’s coat. When looking for the best comb for a Golden Retriever, it’s essential to consider factors such as the spacing and size of the teeth, the material used in manufacturing the comb, and the ergonomic design to make the grooming process comfortable for both the dog and the owner.

When it comes to Golden Retrievers, using the right comb can make a world of difference as it prevents matting, shedding, and skin irritation. Paying attention to teeth spacing is important because a comb with teeth that are too close together might tug at the dog’s fur, causing pain and discomfort. On the other hand, teeth spaced too far apart may not effectively remove dead hair or tangles. The material of the comb should be sturdy, yet gentle on the dog’s skin to avoid causing injuries during combing.

After countless hours of research and testing numerous combs, I have compiled a list of the best combs for Golden Retrievers that make grooming more manageable and enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. With the right comb, maintaining a stunning and healthy coat is just a few brush strokes away.

Best Combs for Golden Retrievers

I have carefully curated a list of the best combs for your Golden Retriever to ensure their fur stays healthy and tangle-free.

Tsxurepaw Dog Brushes for Grooming Large Dogs

Best Comb for Golden Retriever

The Tsxurepaw Dog Brush is a must-have for Golden Retriever owners looking to keep their furry friend’s coat healthy and tangle-free.


  • Effectively removes mats and tangles
  • Non-slip handle for comfortable grip
  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%


  • Not suitable for cats or small dogs
  • May be too large for some users
  • Teeth may not be strong enough for extremely dense fur

After using the Tsxurepaw Dog Brushes for Grooming Large Dogs on my Golden Retriever, I found it to be highly effective at removing mats and tangles. The rounded steel teeth didn’t scratch or irritate my dog’s skin, making it a gentle and comfortable grooming experience.

The ergonomic non-slip handle is a great feature, allowing me to maintain control even while brushing through tough knots. It’s especially helpful when my dog gets a bit squirmy during grooming sessions. However, I did find the size of the brush to be quite large, which may be cumbersome for some users.

One downside I encountered was the teeth of the brush not being strong enough for some areas of denser fur on my dog. This may not be an issue for all Golden Retrievers, but it’s worth considering if your dog has a particularly dense undercoat.

In conclusion, the Tsxurepaw Dog Brush is an excellent choice for grooming large dogs like Golden Retrievers. It effectively removes tangles, knots, and loose hair, making it an essential tool for maintaining the health of your dog’s coat. While the size may be large for some users and the teeth may struggle with extremely dense fur, its overall performance and easy-to-use design make it a worthwhile investment.

OCTCHOCO Pet Comb Extra-Large Rake


This OCTCHOCO Pet Comb is perfect for golden retrievers and other large, long-haired breeds, making grooming a breeze.


  • Rounded pins for gentle grooming
  • Effectively removes dead undercoat
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation


  • May not work well on thinner hair
  • The handle could be more ergonomic
  • Teeth may not be as rounded as depicted

Using the OCTCHOCO Pet Comb on my golden retriever was a game-changer in our grooming routine. The rounded pins glide through the hair, gently removing tangles, mats, and knots without scratching my pet’s skin. As a result, my home has significantly less dog hair floating around.

One feature I really appreciate is how the comb massages the skin, promoting better blood circulation and overall health for my golden retriever. It only takes about 5 minutes of brushing each day to achieve these results. However, I noticed that this comb might not be the best for pets with thinner hair, as it might not be as effective in those situations.

The only minor issue I encountered was with the handle – it could have been more ergonomic for a better grip during grooming sessions. Also, the teeth of the comb may not be as rounded as depicted in the product images but they still work quite well on my dog’s thick coat.

Overall, the OCTCHOCO Pet Comb is an excellent investment for large dog owners, especially those with golden retrievers or similar breeds. The pros outweigh the cons, making grooming both efficient and enjoyable for pets and their parents.

Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake Set Brush

Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake Set

This grooming set is a great buy for those seeking an efficient way to manage their golden retriever’s tangle-prone coat.


  • 2-in-1 grooming set for long hair pets
  • Quick hair removal and collection
  • Removes fleas and tangles


  • May not be suitable for small pets
  • Hair may sometimes get stuck in the comb
  • Dense long teeth might not be ideal for extremely sensitive pets

When I used the Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake Set on my golden retriever, I immediately noticed how effective the wide tooth rake comb and dual-density open knot comb were at opening tangles and combing out stains. The long teeth on the rake brush penetrated deep into my pet’s coat, allowing for efficient grooming without pulling or discomfort.

In addition to combing through my dog’s fur, this set also effectively removed flea eggs and smoothed out the hair around the eyes. The stainless steel teeth are waterproof, and oil-proof, and have smooth, rounded tips for a comfortable, gentle grooming experience. To further enhance that experience, the rounded comb teeth also provided a massaging effect on my pet’s skin, promoting better blood circulation.

Despite being quite sturdy and durable, the Tsxurepaw set’s compact dimensions make it easy to carry around, whether you’re grooming indoors or out. The 12-month warranty and return service were an added reassurance in case any issues arise. Overall, the Tsxurepaw Undercoat Rake Set is a useful grooming tool for those with long-haired pets like golden retrievers, and I found it beneficial for maintaining a smooth and tangle-free coat.

Finding Laurel Undercoat Dog Rake

Undercoat Dog Rake

The Finding Laurel Undercoat Dog Rake is an ideal purchase for those who want to groom their medium or large dogs with long hair effortlessly.


  • Rounded pins for gentle grooming
  • Non-slip handle for easy use
  • Effectively reduces loose hair


  • Not suitable for cats, small dogs, or short-haired pets
  • May require regular usage for the best results
  • Wetting the comb may cause damage

When I used the Finding Laurel Undercoat Dog Rake on my golden retriever, I found the rounded pins to be gentle on my pet’s skin while effectively untangling knots and removing loose hair. The ergonomic non-slip wood handle and rubber grip provided me with excellent control during brushing sessions.

For optimal results, I spent around five minutes brushing my dog’s coat, helping to reduce loose hair and shedding by almost 90%. My home, especially the carpets and furniture, have significantly less fur to deal with it since using this rake.

However, it’s important to note that this rake is not suitable for cats, small dogs, or short-haired pets. I also had to use this comb consistently to maintain the reduced shedding. Additionally, be cautious not to get the comb wet, as it might damage the stainless-steel teeth.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Finding Laurel Undercoat Dog Rake for grooming my golden retriever. For those who have medium to large dogs with long hair, this comb is an excellent investment for easy and effective grooming.

CGBE Pet Grooming Brush

CGBE Pet Grooming Brush

I highly recommend the CGBE Pet Grooming Brush for its effective de-shedding and user-friendly design.


  • 2-in-1 dual-head grooming brush
  • Safe and friendly for pets
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip


  • May require regular use for optimal results
  • Could be too large for small pets
  • Some pets might be initially resistant to grooming

Having recently used the CGBE Pet Grooming Brush on my Golden Retriever, I found that the 2-in-1 dual head design was incredibly useful. The comb effectively tackled stubborn mats and tangles with the lower-density side, and then smoothly transitioned to the higher-density side for thinning and de-shedding. The results were impressive, and my dog’s coat looked groomed and healthy.

The rounded teeth on this de-shedding tool not only prevented scratching but also ensured my dog’s comfort during the grooming process. I appreciate that this comb is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, making it a great choice for pets with thick or long fur.

One standout feature of the CGBE Pet Grooming Brush is its ergonomic grip, which allowed me to comb my dog for a longer period without discomfort. The non-slip handle ensured my hand didn’t tire quickly, and the stainless steel teeth were easy to clean after each use.

Overall, the CGBE Pet Grooming Brush makes a great addition to any pet owner’s grooming toolkit. Just be prepared to use it regularly as some pets might need more than one session to see significant results.

Buying Guide


When looking for the best comb for a Golden Retriever, first consider the material of the comb. I find that stainless steel teeth are durable and resistant to rust, ensuring longevity. Moreover, a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle made of rubber or plastic is essential for easy grip during grooming sessions.

Type of Comb

Next, I focus on the type of comb to use. Golden Retrievers have a thick double coat, and using the right comb is vital for efficient grooming. For example:

  • Grooming rake: This tool helps me remove loose hairs and prevents matting in the undercoat.
  • Slicker brush: I use this to remove loose hairs on the outer coat and untangle minor knots. It’s ideal for a quick grooming session.
  • De-matting tool: For severe tangles and matting, I turn to the de-matting tool to carefully and safely cut through the knots.
Type of CombUse
Grooming rakeRemove loose hairs, prevent matting in the undercoat
Slicker brushRemove loose hairs on outer coat, untangle minor knots
De-matting toolCut through severe tangles and mats

Teeth Size and Spacing

Golden Retrievers have a dense coat, so teeth size and spacing of the comb matter. I prefer:

  • Wide-spaced teeth: They are great for tackling tangles in the outer coat.
  • Narrow-spaced teeth: They help me remove loose hairs and deal with minor knots in the undercoat.

Ease of Cleaning

Lastly, I look for combs that are easy to clean. After grooming, it’s essential to remove any accumulated hair and dirt. Detachable heads, for example, make the cleaning process more convenient.


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