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Life jackets are essential safety gear for water activities, providing buoyancy and support to keep us afloat. For dog owners, life jackets designed to fit our pets are becoming increasingly popular to help keep our furry friends safe in and around water. This is especially important for breeds like the French Bulldog, whose stocky build and short snout make them less adept swimmers than other dog breeds.

French Bulldogs, lovingly referred to as “Frenchies,” are a much-loved breed known for their friendly personalities and charming appearance. However, their physical traits can make swimming a challenge for them. Their large heads, barrel chests, and short legs can affect their buoyancy, while their short snouts limit their ability to breathe efficiently when submerged. That’s why a good life jacket can be a lifesaver for Frenchies in water activities, allowing them to join in on the fun without risking themselves.

best life jacket for french bulldog

When choosing the perfect life jacket for your Frenchie, several key factors must be remembered. The fit is crucial, as the jacket should not impede your dog’s movement but provide enough support to help them stay afloat. The material should be durable, quick-drying, and comfortable against your dog’s skin. Additionally, look for useful features like a top handle for easy lifting and a D-ring attachment for a leash.

After carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, we’ve identified the top life jackets on the market to keep your French Bulldog safe and secure during water activities. Let’s dive in and explore the best options for your loyal companion.

Best Life Jackets for French Bulldogs

We have carefully curated a list of the best life jackets designed explicitly for French Bulldogs to ensure their safety and comfort while swimming.

Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket

Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket, Green

This life jacket is a must-have for French Bulldog owners looking for a secure and comfortable option for their pups during water activities.


  • Removable front float helps reduce neck pressure
  • Superior buoyancy ensured by high-quality material
  • Great fit for French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Corgis


  • Chin float might need occasional adjustments
  • Straps could be more adjustable
  • Available in only one size

Having just used the Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket on our Frenchie, we are impressed by its thoughtful design and exceptional buoyancy. The removable front float is a unique feature that genuinely helped relieve neck pressure on our little buddies, comfortably keeping their snouts above water.

The life jacket is made of durable, ripstop 600D Oxford cloth and buoyant EPE pearl cotton. Our Frenchie effortlessly swam without getting exhausted, giving us peace of mind knowing they were secure. The fit is excellent for French and English Bulldogs and Corgis, thanks to its chest girth range of 16.5″-29.5″.

However, we did notice that the chin float needed occasional adjustments, and it would have been better if the straps were more adjustable to accommodate different body shapes. Nonetheless, the Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket is an excellent investment for those looking for a dependable, comfortable option for their furry friends during water activities.

Fragralley French Bulldog Life Jacket

Fragralley French Bulldog Life Jacket

After trying out the Fragralley French Bulldog Life Jacket, we believe it’s a top-notch option for keeping your Frenchie safe and supported while swimming.


  • Superior buoyancy for weaker swimming dogs
  • Comfortable, human-worthy materials
  • Durable rescue handle for emergencies


  • May require assistance to put on
  • Neck float can sometimes shift to the side
  • Not as adjustable for dogs outside the intended size range

We recently used the Fragralley French Bulldog Life Jacket on our own Frenchie, and its buoyancy and rescue handle certainly gave us peace of mind. The life jacket is designed specifically for French Bulldogs, which can be poor swimmers due to their short legs and snouts. Constructed using premium EPE pearl cotton and 600D Oxford cloth, the life jacket feels built to last.

While the size range is tailored for adult French Bulldogs, putting it on our dog requires some assistance. The secure neck float is removable and helps relieve neck pressure on your dog, but it might occasionally shift to the side. The life jacket has a heavy-duty D-ring hook for attaching a leash, a practical feature when walking your dog before or after swimming.

As much as we enjoyed our experience with this product, it’s worth noting that the sizing may not be adjustable enough for dogs outside of the intended weight range. We recommend carefully checking the measurements and weight recommendations before purchasing. Overall, the Fragralley French Bulldog Life Jacket offers a comfortable, supportive, and safe swimming experience for your Frenchie.

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket for French Bulldogs

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket in Pink, Large Size

We recommend the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket for French Bulldogs due to its excellent safety features and comfortable design.


  • Durable material and extra padding
  • Removable front float and reflective trims
  • Convenient grab handle and adjustable straps


  • Measurements are crucial for a proper fit
  • Not suitable for dogs to be left unattended in the water
  • Some dogs may need time to adapt to wearing a life jacket

Our experience using the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket for our French Bulldog has been positive. The ripstop 600D cloth material and extra padding provide a durable and buoyant life jacket that keeps our pup safe in the water. We found the removable front float and reflective trims to be a great addition for alleviating neck pressure and ensuring better visibility during nighttime adventures.

The strong grab handle on the top of the life jacket made it easy for us to guide our dog in and out of the water. The adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles have proven secure and gave us peace of mind knowing our dog would not slip out of the vest.

Measuring your dog correctly before choosing a size is essential, as proper fit is crucial for comfort and safety. Although this life jacket provides excellent swimming assistance, dogs should never be left unattended. Lastly, if your dog is wearing a life jacket for the first time, gradually introducing them to it and allowing them to adapt will ensure a smoother experience.

Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket

Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket with Wings Design

We recommend this Petglad life jacket for French Bulldogs as a reliable and comfortable solution to keep your pet safe while swimming.


  • Unique wings design with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles
  • Made of waterproof, breathable material for easy drying and cleaning
  • Reflective bands and handle for enhanced visibility and easy rescue


  • Neck foam panels might need some adjustment
  • The size chart may be slightly off, requiring measurement precautions.
  • Front chin float might be misaligned, according to some users

We recently tried the Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket with our beloved pup and appreciated its unique wings design that added flair while keeping our furry friend afloat. The adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles ensured a perfect fit, while the heavy-duty magic sticker fastening system around the belly provided additional security.

The waterproof and breathable Oxford cloth material allowed for quick drying and easy cleaning after a swim session. We found the bright safety colors and reflective bands to enhance visibility for our pooch during swims. The top grab handle was also sturdy and convenient for rescuing our dog in an emergency.

We noticed that the neck foam panels might require some adjustments to achieve balance and avoid choking. It is essential to measure your dog’s chest girth carefully and consider any unique traits while choosing the size. Despite the slight misalignment of the front chin float, the Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket provided our dog with enjoyable and safe swimming experiences.

Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket – Mermaid Design

Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket Shark Swimming Vest Pet Safety Swimsuit Floatation Life Vest for French Bulldog (M, Mermaid) Mermaid Medium

Thanks to its excellent buoyancy, fun designs, and sturdy construction, we highly recommend the Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket for your French Bulldog’s water adventures.


  • Amusing and eye-catching designs
  • Superb buoyancy in the water
  • Durable and soft rescue handle


  • Only three styles are available
  • Size medium might be tight for some bulldogs
  • Dogs should not be left unattended with the life jacket

Our personal experience with the Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket has been phenomenal. The fun designs, such as the mermaid, shark, and clownfish styles, effortlessly transform your furry friend into a crowd-pleaser during pool or beach outings. Not only are these vests visually pleasing, but they also provide proper buoyancy, allowing your dog to swim comfortably and securely.

The jacket’s durable and soft plastic handle is a standout feature, enabling you to lift your dog out of the water when necessary. The reinforced stitches on both sides of the handle ensure maximum safety for your beloved pet during their swimming adventures. Despite the life jacket’s great buoyancy, we strongly advise against leaving your dog unsupervised while wearing the product.

It’s important to note that the size medium may be tight for some French Bulldogs. However, the manufacturer claims that the medium size should be sufficient for the breed. If you’re unsure about the right size for your pet, feel free to contact the seller for guidance. Overall, the Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket provides excellent value, ensuring a delightful and safe swimming experience for you and your French Bulldog.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best life jacket for our French Bulldog, there are several factors we need to consider. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help us make an informed decision.

Size and Fit

Getting the right size and fit for our French Bulldog’s life jacket is essential. Since comfort and safety are crucial, we must measure our pet’s chest, neck, and length before purchasing a life jacket. This will ensure a snug fit and prevent it from slipping off during use.

Material and Buoyancy

Life jackets should be made from high-quality and durable materials, such as neoprene or heavy-duty nylon, to withstand wear and tear. Additionally, the life jacket must have sufficient buoyancy to keep our French Bulldog afloat. Features like foam panels and flotation fabric ensure that they remain safely above water.

Adjustable Straps and Easy-to-Use Buckles

Adjustable straps and easy-to-use buckles are essential features in a life jacket. They allow us to securely fasten the life jacket on our French Bulldog, preventing it from slipping off during activities. Having quick-release buckles also makes removing the life jacket faster and more straightforward.

Visibility and Handles

A life jacket with bright colors and reflective strips will increase our pet’s visibility, making it easier to spot them in the water. Additionally, a sturdy top handle on the life jacket can provide extra support and control when lifting our French Bulldog out of the water.

Drainage and Drying

It’s essential to have adequate drainage and quick-drying features in a life jacket. We should look for mesh materials and strategically placed holes to help water drain and promote airflow. This can help prevent skin irritation and rash on our French Bulldog after swimming.


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